Pair of White Horses


Ensures Smooth Banking

“ Your capacity defines your credibility. Along with the Pair of White Horses in the North-West add a Chessboard in the South-West, a sculpture of 12 Red Horses in the South and a Lush Green Landscape in the North zone to improve your credibility. This is especially useful for companies, institutions and organisations. ”

Material: Resin

Size: (Length, Breadth & Height): 22cm, 8cm & 17cm

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By placing a Pair of White Horses on the floor in the North of North-West zone of your building,

You can ensure that the Banks and other financial institutions will sanction your loans and meet your other financial requirements.

This remedy removes any obstacles relating to financial or money matters.

A Pair of White Horses enables better access to money and ensures its smooth flow in a partnership.

In case you are in a job and wish to increase your salary,

then the Pair of White Horses is just the remedy you need.

The energy of the North of North-West zone is responsible for encouraging banks & financial institutions to give you monetary support and creates a situation where the dream of an increased pay-package can become a reality.


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