Vastu Chakra 6 inch

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This is Plastic Version of 6 inch

Vastu Chakra A quick reference tool to know which direction is causing problems when you have just a building plan in your hand. You can place the Vastu Chakra on it and precisely tell the problematic Vastu causes. An asset of a Vastu Consultant.

Vastu Chakra will create wonders in understanding the basic concept of Ancient Indian Architecture Vastu Science. It divide their space in 32 angular divisions, identify the energy zones/devtas location and many more in a very simple way and that too at a rapid speed.

Important Note This product is for decorative purposes only. Any secondary /alternative use will be at the risk of the user

Expert Tool Of Vastu Consultant use Grid Map and finding direction on map

This is Plastic Version

Note – Only buy if u know how to use this for Grid map.

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Vastu Shashtra is Vedic Science. Already we know about the 32 ruling deities around the house. Particularly they rule over main door. We get the result of the door as per the character of deities. Many ancient books give the chart (9 x 9) grid about ruling deities but while researching on Vastu, We find it very difficult or we can say that it is impossible to find the deities of Main Doors of different shapes of Flats; Bungalows, Buildings etc.

Vastu of the building is done in the finest way by working in 16 zones so that we can achieve the results with minimum demolition. Considering 32 Zones is also important while marking the main door. All 45 devtas are considered at various points for planning of the building. Vastu Chakra plays a important role in making building Vastu friendly.

we have discovered a new method. This is a radical method to find the main door deities for any type of irregular shape of Flats, Bungalows, Buildings etc.

From Vastu Chakra you can easily find the ruling door deity. Sometimes two deities rule one door and two deities of one door they give combined effect as per their characters.

If one deity is very auspicious and another is in a specious then the result is combination of two.


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