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Please read the following terms & conditions carefully. These terms & conditions apply to anyone starting a course with “MahaVastu Corporation LLP”. These I Agree with the Course Enrollment Terms and Conditions. (Read till the end to enable the Pay Now button) are a contract between You (“Trainee/Participant”) and VastuGuruji. These Terms and Conditions contain very important information about your rights and obligations as well as limitations and exclusions that may apply to You.

Terms of Use of this Website & Related Content:

  1. This website is owned and operated by “Rana Sikander” under the brand name “VastuGuruji®”.
  2. All intellectual property rights, including copyright in all content and communication of the Website and Course Material, belongs to “VastuGruruji®”. By reading the Terms of Use you are agreeing that the content and property of “VastuGuruji®” cannot be copied, reproduced, modified, stored, redistributed, or exploited commercially in any way without permission from “VastuGuruji®”.
  3. “VastuGuruji®” may change the content, which includes prices, offers, and Course content at any time. We do not provide a warranty or guarantee of the accuracy, completeness, suitability, timeliness, or performance of information or content on the website. If there are errors in the information provided in the content of the website, we expressly exclude liability for these inaccuracies, to the fullest extent that the law permits.
  4. You can use any of the information or content at your own risk for which “VastuGuruji®” will not be liable. It will be your responsibility to ensure that any products you purchase are suitable to your current requirements.

Definition of Online Courses:

  1. VastuGuruji® offers multiple courses including Vastu Course, Astrology Course, Vastu Purush Mandala Devta Course, Vedic Astrology Course, Astro-Vastu Remedies Course, Factory Vastu Course, Intuitive Advanced Course, and all other courses conducted by VastuGuruji® (“Course”).
  2. The Course is offered to You is aimed at familiarizing you with the methodology used by VastuGuruji® and imparting knowledge of the techniques practiced by Rana Sikander. You admit that enrollment in the Course is voluntary and not under the influence of any advertisement, claim, pressure, promise, or representation of any kind whatsoever from any person including any employee/ teacher/ instructor/ associate of VastuGuruji®.

Course Fee:

  1. The course fee is only valid for the duration of the Course opted by you and is non-refundable. You may apply to repeat the Course in case you are not able to attend after enrollment and the decision of enrolling you again, including payment of the Course fee, will be at the sole discretion of VastuGuruji®.
  2. In case of any cancellation of the Course for any reason whatsoever, VastuGuruji®’s responsibility will be limited to informing the payment gateway, within a reasonable period of time (not exceeding 7 (Seven) working days from the date of cancellation), to enable the payment gateway to process the refund through their appropriate channels. Under no circumstances shall VastuGuruji® be held liable for any loss occasioned to you on account of the cancellation of the Course.


  1. At the end of the Course, you shall be given a Certificate showing you have successfully completed this Course. The Certificate shall be issued in accordance with the Course Description and shall adhere to the Terms and Teachings as applicable to that particular Course. Whether the Course prepares you to take on commercial consulting depends on the Course attended, its Description and the Teachings imparted.

Purchase of Online Resources from VastuGuruji®:

  1. The product “Horoscope Reading” is aimed at familiarizing You with the methods of horoscope reading and understanding and is for educative and illustrative purposes only and not for any other purpose whatsoever at all. They may be purchased as a standalone product or as part of the Astro-Vastu Remedies Course.
  2. The techniques of horoscope reading imparted in the Astro Remedies Course or “Horoscope Reading” are based on algorithmic interpretation of text-based knowledge and VastuGuruji® does not take any responsibility for the accuracy thereof. The said reading of the horoscope shall not be relied upon by You for any advisory/commercial purpose. It is not a definitive reading.

Intellectual Property:

  1. All materials and content, which include images, text, layout, graphics, design, and appearance belong to “VastuGuruji®”. Their reproduction in either copied or derivative format or disparaged format is illegal. Any breach of these terms may result in a criminal offense being committed, in addition to a claim for damages.
  2. The teachings and training materials shared with you, i.e., Course Material are based upon the research and case studies compiled by Rana Sikander, Founder of VastuGuruji®. You acknowledge that the trademark VastuGuruji® and all the materials provided to you and/or accessed by you in any form which includes images, text, layout, graphics, design, and appearance, constitute the intellectual property of Rana Sikander and are protected under relevant laws.
  3. Use of a camera/phone to record the teachings/techniques of VastuGuruji®, copying or reproducing the same in any audio, video, electronic, multimedia, photographic, and written forms, now known or those which will come into existence in the future amounts to infringement/violation of the intellectual property rights and shall be actionable under the law. The use of a camera/phone to record the teachings of VastuGuruji® during the Course or otherwise is strictly not allowed.
  4. In case you wish to use the teachings and training materials used in the Course for reprinting, publishing, licensing, or for any other purpose, you ought to seek permission in writing from us by addressing a letter to stating your residence country, state, city, your name, contact number, organization’s name, postal address, purpose and mission of your organization, details of the desired teaching and training material/s to be utilized, details about where you wish to utilize or publish the teaching and training material/s and a detailed description of the purpose of using said teaching and training material/s. Any deviation from the above shall invite recourse to law to protect the Intellectual Property.
  5. If permission is granted, and You reproduce the content as it is, it will be mandatory to give recognition to VastuGuruji® and if you publish afresh, but is derived from our material, then You will have to give state that the content is derived from VastuGuruji® and also give a Disclaimer that VastuGuruji® is not liable for any discrepancies of your derived content.
  6. Vastu® reserves all rights to refuse such requests for permission without providing any explanation. Vastu® also reserves the right to withdraw any such permission/s at a 3 (three) weeks notice and continuation of usage against any such withdrawal will be considered an infringement/violation of the intellectual property rights vesting in the material/s.

Confidential Information/ Proprietary Information:

  1. You agree to make use of the Confidential Information/Proprietary Information (‘Confidential Information’ or ‘Proprietary Information’ shall include any publication or article or data or information or material through any medium shared with you whether or not the same is novel, unique, patentable, copyrightable, or constitute a trade secret) solely for the purpose intended and in connection with the current or contemplated association between VastuGuruji® and You and not for any purpose unless otherwise authorized by prior written consent by an authorized representative of VastuGuruji®.

Limitations of Liability on & Obligations on Trainees:

  1. VastuGuruji® does not guarantee any results from the techniques and learnings disseminated in the Course including those suggested by a “Certified Vastu Trainer/ Mentor” during the Course. Like any other professional service, the methodology used by Vastu® also requires skills in application and expert advice under regular observation of a subject matter expert.
  2. Vastu® and its Mentors and Trainers do not guarantee, ensure or promise learning by You in understanding and mastering of skills with MahaVastu® Methodology. Learnings from the MahaVastu® Course solely depend upon Your own understanding, intellectual capability, personal approach, ability to comprehend and practice of taught procedures. MahaVastu® is imparting the knowledge but not guaranteeing that You imbibe and learn the same in the manner taught to You.
  3. Since all the teachings are provided in the Course and the payment is also only made for the Course, after completion of the Course, MahaVastu® is not required to provide any post-course support to you.
  4. The Trainers/Mentors of MahaVastu® may run Self-help groups voluntarily post the imparting of Training to you at the Course. These self-help type of groups are not run or controlled by MahaVastu® in any manner whatsoever. They are a prerogative of the respective Trainer as they may be required to further impart Training through volunteering self-help type groups. You may be asked to join these Groups at your own Will and your joining or removal from such volunteering group and Your joining or removal form such Group shall be decided by the Trainers and/or Mentors depending upon your moral conduct, behavior, positive attitude, intent and understanding. Harassment of Group members, Obscenity and/or violent conduct, etc. shall not be tolerated in any manner whatsoever. MahaVastu® is neither responsible nor liable in any manner for your participation or exclusion from any such volunteer work for any reason whatsoever that is solely dependent on Your conduct.
  5. MahaVastu® and the Trainers/Mentors have the unfettered right to prohibit you from using and/ or accessing the material/s used for teachings and trainings, social networking group/s and/ or digital social media platform/s managed by MahaVastu® at its sole discretion, without giving any warning, intimation, written notice and/or assigning any reason whatsoever.
  6. The online/offline support provided by MahaVastu® and/or any digital social media platform/s created at the sole discretion of MahaVastu® may be discontinued and/or your access to online/offline support/social media platform/s prohibited/restricted without any prior notice to you. You shall have no recourse if any such support and/or social media platform/s is/are inaccessible/discontinued/varied.
  7. You are expected to conduct yourself in a manner which is conducive to learning. MahaVastu® and its Trainers/Mentors expect appropriate respectful behavior, social and moral conduct and positive attitude towards fellow course mates and Trainers/Mentors. Contravention of these expectations and/or Harassment of Trainers/Mentors/Fellow Trainees shall result in consequences that may call for legal action, including criminal action, if warranted, under the law. Such behavior shall also make You liable for immediate dismissal from the Course/Group, without any explanation on the sole decision of MahaVastu®. No refund shall be processed in such a case either.
  8. MahaVastu® shall not, in any circumstances be liable to you for any special, indirect or consequential loss, including but not limited to any loss of profit, loss of revenue, loss of use or loss of contract arising out of your enrollment to the Course, including without limitation any perceived breach of these Terms and Conditions.
  9. MahaVastu® does not accept any liability for any loss or additional expense caused by delay or disruption to travel services, weather conditions, civil disturbance, industrial action, strikes, wars, floods, sickness or force majeure. Such losses or additional expenses are your responsibility. Force majeure represents unusual or unforeseeable circumstances, which include: war, terrorist activities, riots, natural disasters or nuclear disasters such as fire, flood or adverse weather conditions.

Support and Contact:

  1. You may reach out to us at for any issue/s faced by you during the Course. We will use our best endeavor to resolve your issue/s. All decision/s on such issue/s will be at the sole discretion of MahaVastu® and final and binding on you.


  1. Vastu Vidya is a broader knowledge about architecture and design theories from ancient India. Vastu Vidya knowledge is a collection of ideas and concepts, with or without the support of layout diagrams, that are not rigid. Rather, these ideas and concepts are models for the organization of space and form within a building or collection of buildings, based on their functions in relation to each other, their usage and the overall fabric of the Vastu.
  2. The Courses offered by Vastu® are neither architectural courses nor Spiritual discourses nor Design Courses, although they do contain some elements of each. These Courses are based on the Science as learned through research and case studies compiled by Rana Sikander.

Binding Contract:

  1. These Terms and Conditions are with respect to enrollment for the Course and for governing the basic relationship between MahaVastu® and You. You may be required to sign further Agreements may be shared with You, if the need is felt by MahaVastu®.

Dispute Resolutions:

  1. These Terms and Conditions (and any dispute or claim relating to them) shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of India. The Courts at New Delhi alone to the exclusion of all other Courts in the country shall have the jurisdiction over any disputes relating to these Terms and Conditions and any other issue emanating from the Course.
  2. Once you accept the Terms and Conditions you enter a contract between Vastu® and Yourself. Vastu® reserves the right to change any of the content, material, prices, offers, or time period of the courses or products at any time without any intimation.

By clicking “I Agree”, you acknowledge that you have fully read and completely understood these Terms and Conditions and agree to abide by them. You confirm and declare that you have voluntarily, of your own free will and without coercion or any undue influence on the part of MahaVastu® consented to the present Terms and Conditions and are remitting the non-refundable Course fee.