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ADVANCE Devta Field Booster (E7) Bhrisha



Please Don’t buy this Devta if u don’t know how to use it.

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Vastu Purush Mandala having 45 Devtas and Asuras.

Bhrisha – the Gravity: The first energy field which gets developed in the South-East direction has been termed as Bhrisha. This is the power to make anything fall, just like the power of the gravitational pull.

The power of bringing out a new thing out of rubbing two things (surfaces) together comes from this energy field. For example, it is the power of Bhrisha that works to bring out butter through churning of curd.

If this power is weak in a building, actions will not be executed correctly. Either, too much thinking to achieve perfection will delay the execution and outcome, or hastiness in execution, without giving proper thought (planning) to it, will result in undesired outcome.


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