ADVANCE Devta Field Booster (S1) Anil



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Vastu Purush Mandala having 45 Devtas and Asuras.

Anil – the Uplifter: The next energy field in the South-East direction  and is known as a devta called Anil. Basically, he is the adheeshtha dev of air (vayu). Just as space (Aakash) allows the manifestation of things, air (vayu) is the power to elevate (or lift) them in that space (Aakash).

The power which makes any process happen is the power of Air. Anil is one of the eight Vasus. This is the power which, initially elevates any building from earth in to the space (Aakash). This is the same power which lifts the fire into the sky.

The power of making upward movement (Oordhvamukhi) is the power of a devta called Anil. The power to vigorously move ahead in life, in spite of difficult situations, is also bestowed by Anil.


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