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ADVANCE Devta Field Booster (W4) Pushpdant



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Vastu Purush Mandala having 45 Devtas and Asuras.

Pushpdant – the Assisting Power: The energy field adjacent to Sugreev in the West direction is Pushpdant. At many places Pushpdant has also been referred as Kusumdanta. Another meaning of Pushpdant refers to it as a power of blessing (vardayini shakti), viz., the giving power between the earth and the sky.

In mythology, Pushpdant has been called as the vehicle of Kuber whose attributes are blooming and expanding. When it is balanced in a building, it grants the power to fulfil all the desires in life, e.g., success and growth.

Continuous growth is the nourishment in life. Life blossoms and feels as if it has been filled with the fragrance of flowers (Pushp). This nourishment and fragrance in life is brought by the power of Pushpdant.


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