Increases Productivity and Profits

“ Productivity is directly proportional to commitment of your team members towards the organizational goals. To gain it, place a symbol of Camel in the West zone and light a Red bulb in the South East zone and your team members will naturally put in their best efforts to produce more. ”

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The Camel is one of the most unusual and peculiar Vastu remedies. If you feel that your life is over-burdened with work, despite having lesser returns, benefits and profits in accordance with the efforts you put in and that there is no way to lessen the burden that you carry, then the Camel is just the remedy you need. Place the Camel on the floor in the West zone, making sure that it faces the centre of the building. You will begin to feel the pressure or strain of your work decreasing and profits and benefits increasing. This remedy also helps you to build permanent and stable relationships with the people you do business with. In addition to this, the Camel encourages people to work tirelessly with complete dedication for you and your business.

ऊंट : उत्पादकता व लाभ बढ़ाए

यह वास्तु उपाय अपने आप में बड़ा ही विचित्र है। आपसे व्यापारिक संबंध रखने वालों के भीतर यह प्रयोग स्थायित्व व दृढ़ता की भावना पैदा करता है। इसके अतिरिक्त जब आप यह इच्छा रखें कि आपसे जुड़े लोग आपके लिए बिना थके काम में लगे रहें तो भी यह एक सटीक वास्तु उपाय है।


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