Red Elephant

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Brings in Fame and Recognition

“ When use of Red Elephant in South is combined with application of Surya Dev in the East, the zone of social associations, and a Village Scene in the West, the zone of gains, your improved social connectivity starts proving gainful for you. ”

Caution: When placing this Vastu remedy, make sure that the Elephant must face the centre of the building.

Made of Brass Size: (Length, Breadth & Height): 7in, 3.5in & 5in

Weight approx: 1.5 Kg

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The Red Elephant is responsible for bringing in both fame and recognition.

So, it can be placed either in the North zone, or in the South zone or even in both these zones simultaneously.

When placed in the South zone, the Red Elephant brings you fame and recognition in the area of your work.

In the North, it enables your firm, company or organisation to become famous and well respected.

By placing the Red Elephant in both the North and the South zones, both the above-mentioned results are ensured.

You may choose where to place the remedy depending on the results you desire.

The Red Elephant also brings strength, abundance and success.

When placing this remedy make sure that the Elephant must face the centre of the building.


Caution: Do not apply the Red Elephant alone as a remedy. This is a very powerful remedy and though it brings power, strength, fame and recognition, it can cause arrogance, vanity and conceitedness.

Therefore, use this remedy in conjunction with other remedies, which enable a respectful, wise and modest behaviour.

2 reviews for Red Elephant

  1. Kristie

    how do I say it? Relevant!! Finally I have found ѕomething which
    һelpеd me. Thanks a lot Guruji!

  2. ritika

    Very good idol. Nice finish with pleasing colours. Very satisfying purchase.

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