Surya Dev 8″


Grants Regal Power

“ Combine power with fame. Add 12 Red Horses in the zone of fame, i.e., South along with the Sun in the zone of Social Associations i.e., East. And, enjoy powerful connections and fame together. ”

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According to Vastu, Surya Dev or the Sun represents the governing or ruling power. The Sun is also responsible for developing relationships with influential people. If you want to use the strength and support of powerful and influential people to establish a successful business then a copper or brass Sun as a Vastu remedy is especially effective. The Sun also helps you use your wisdom and skill to build relations that spread your glory, name and reputation all around. The Sun is a powerful remedy and is hung on the Eastern wall of building at a height of 7feet from the floor. Caution: Do not use a Sun, which has the expression of pain, stress or anger. The Sun must look solemn, earnest, gentle, benevolent or peacefully smiling.

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