ADVANCE Devta Field Booster (W8) Papyakshma

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Vastu Purush Mandala having 45 Devtas and Asuras.

Papyakshma – the Addictor: The energy field next to Shosha, in the North West direction, is of Papyakshma. Even he has been considered as a demon, not a dev.

Papyakshma gives diseases, drinking habit (alcoholism), and guilty feeling, and weakens the mind. But, he also grants the capacity of saving. What is saving from the point of view of Yoga?

Many times there is an accumulation in the body in the form of guilt or miseries which causes hindrances and blockages in life. So the control of such negative energies is done by the power of this energy field only.

A person who spends more time in this energy field, starts developing a negative attitude towards life. His attention is continuously looking for mistakes of others. This behaviour disconnects him from the society. Then, he resorts to alcohol and drugs to keep off his loneliness.

To make right usage of this power Vastu Shastra recommends for making a place for weeping in this zone of the house. This keeps the power of this energy field in balance and, keeps the negative powers which weaken the mind under control.

1 review for ADVANCE Devta Field Booster (W8) Papyakshma

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