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Makes U Rich

  • Dimensions : 8″H x 5″W x 4″D : Weight 2.2 KG

Effects: “ Attract more money and richness in your life by placing the Kuber in the North along with a Pair of Red Horses in the South zone of your building. This will ensure growth in your chosen career and success in business. ”

He is considered to be the wealthiest devta or God.Kuber has the ability to translate your actions into riches and growth, helping you to achieve bliss and abundant wealth.

Lord Kuber is the Lord of all the treasures on earth and even rules over the riches buried and unclaimed inside the earth. Lord Kuber, is considered as the actual God of wealth. Kuber is worshiped as a God who protects and conserves wealth in a family. It is believed that worshiping Kuber idol regularly ensures fast results and blesses the natives with prosperity, wealth and good luck. He is the basis of gain of unlimited wealth and prosperity.

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Yakshraj Kuber is the Lord of wealth and guardian of all the treasures of the universe. He is the wealthiest devta. Kuber resides in Alkapuri at mount Meru, where the cool fragrant breeze delights him. Here he is served by beautiful apsaras and worshipped by saints. His primary function as the Lord of wealth is the creation of extremely wealthy people. He has three-legged, eight teeth, and large, round, protruding eyes. He is plumpy, smiling and happy. Kuber has the ability to translate your actions into riches and growth, helping you to achieve bliss and abundant wealth.Kuber is the guardian of the North. As a result, Vastu assigns money and treasures to this zone. Place a statue of Kuber on a table or on a shelf on a wall in the North zone of building. Caution: Do not worship Kuber with incense sticks,dhoop, diya etc.

कुबेर के साथ पूंजी प्रवाह की वृद्धि

यक्षराज कुबेर ब्रह्माण्ड में सभी खजानों के अभिभावक और धन संपत्ति के देवता हैं। आपके प्रयास और कार्यों की एवज में आपको मिलने वाले हर प्रकार के धन के लिए वही उत्तरदायी हैं। यदि आप अपनी आमदनी से संतुष्ट नहीं हैं तो वे आपको नए अवसर भी प्रदान करते हैं। अपने घर में पूंजी के सही प्रवाह अथवा अपने करियर में नए अवसर पैदा करने के लिए भवन के उत्तर क्षेत्र में टेबल पर अथवा दीवार में बने आले में कुबेर जी की मूर्ति रखें। कुबेरजी की धूप या दीपक से पूजा न करें क्यों कि यक्ष की पूजा नहीं की जाती है ।




1 review for KUBER JI 8″

  1. rupesh kumar

    Beautiful idol with good glossy finish.

    I’m very particular about idol features and don’t buy them online…
    I’m just very happy to receive whatever I got…looks divine, like real money god 🙏🏻

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