White Elephant Pair


Effect – The White Elephant is responsible for bringing in both Profits and Productivity

This Vastu remedy can be placed either in the West Zone, or in the North Zoneor even in both these zones simultaneously

Caution: When placing this Vastu remedy, make sure that the Elephant must face the centre of the building.

Made of Brass Size: (Length, Breadth & Height): 7in, 3.5in & 5in

Weight approx: 1.5 Kg

Availability: 7 in stock

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West (W)

The energy of this Zone ensures that no action or effort made by you goes waste.

Placing a white elephant on west zone insure that all your ef·fort will go in right direction.

North (N)

As North Zone represents Money or Treasure, its energy helps you to generate New Opportunities to earn money.

Placing a white elephant on North zone insure that all New Opportunities go in right direction.


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